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Enhance your carwash operations without increasing costs and create a unique car wash experience for consumers with multi-purpose machines

Customization ensures car wash business operators get what they need to operate the most efficiently and effectively but without increasing costs, and creates a unique car wash experience that consumers cannot find anywhere else. Adriateh′s cleaning machine that combines all of the above is for sure Multique 4IN1 and 5IN1. This is no wonder our bestselling and the most attractive machine.
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Cashless payment solution for Car Wash Industry by Ready2Wash offering contactless payment and car wash station real-time management

The corona crisis has a significant impact on the car wash industry. Social distancing is especially important that is why most car washes that are cash-in-hand operated need to opt for new ways of paying. Contactless payments are the quickest option. Going contactless reduces lines and makes transactions 80% faster. In busy car washes, every second count, and offering quick payment options can help manage lines and prevent customers from having to wait too long.
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