Meet Martina, most sofisticated and futuristic car wash design your costumers will love. Stunning design that had everyone excited.


This is where Adriateh meets full potential. Available in large scales with highest performances and advanced technologies made for toughest demands.


Optimal solution balancing your budget with the car wash performances. Available for configuration up to 4 wash bays.


Checkout this model in 3D.

*Some of presented Car Wash models on the photos contain optional features, therefore does not represent standard configuration.

Technical Description


Beams, carriers, metal parts are made of stainless steel except roof transverse beams which are made of hot galvanized steel



Wash bay width
5000 mm
Technical room bay width
3000 mm
6800 mm
max. vehicle height 2.6 m

Each Wash bay is equipped with 4 LED lamps

• Integrated digital interface unit in every wash bay equipped with 6 inch Schneider Touch screen with possibility to use six different coins.

• STOP button integrated in touchscreen interface for emergency stop or for operation stopping (time goes on)

• Housing made of stainless steel, burglary safe

• Roof insulated panel 40+80mm, RAL 9002 white, self-supporting model

• Wall insulated smooth panel dividers 30mm, RAL 9002 white, placed between wash bays

Wall insulated smooth panels can be covered with matte laminated adhesive label with standard Adriateh artwork design.

This model available in
AT and Carnet Technology

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