Small machines and equipment

Adriateh small machines MALI

Housing made completely from stainless steel, metal dosing pump, and digital coin and token reader guarantee top quality product and top quality service.

You can choose what you want to put in the Mali housing: tire shine machine, windshield liquid, car perfume... 

Standard equipment:

  • accepts 6 different coins and tokens
  • PLC for time, money turnover and business management
  • thickened housing made completely from stainless steel with 3 cm recessed door (anti-theft measure)
  • telescopic door opening (anti-theft measure)
  • easy access for cleaning through which PLC and coins (tokens) can’t be reached
Additional equipment:
  • construction cover
  • payment with a magnetic card or key
  • ability to control and access data through PLC in the technical room, via internet or mobile phone