Cashless payment solution for Car Wash Industry by Ready2Wash offering contactless payment and car wash station real-time management

The corona crisis has a significant impact on the car wash industry. Social distancing is especially important that is why most car washes that are cash-in-hand operated need to opt for new ways of paying. Contactless payments are the quickest option. Going contactless reduces lines and makes transactions 80% faster. In busy car washes, every second count, and offering quick payment options can help manage lines and prevent customers from having to wait too long. We talked to Dejan Pjevac, Project Manager at Ready2Wash, a smartphone app for car wash users and car wash business owners offering contactless payment solutions and car wash station real-time management.

  • How do you anticipate on the coronacrisis? Does it affect your business?

Ready2Wash is a cashless solution for automatic and self-service car washes and it can respond to current needs because it does not involve human contact and cash. On the other hand, limited mobility can affect limited needs for any service, even this one. From a business perspective, we are now experiencing significant growth in the number of users and service usage. Now, more than ever, customers are keen to use cashless payments on the car wash stations, which helps them avoid unnecessary contact with cash, coins or tokens. Cashless and app payments will be more and more used by customers in the following years.

  •  Are you planning to publish new innovation later this year? Are you currently working on new products?

Yes, we have several new products and features to publish this year. Most important one is that we are entering a rollover car wash market with our own payment solution. This will enable us to provide many site owners with an opportunity to modernize their business and get some new customers. Also, we are in a process of implementing some new features on our existing solution thus creating all in one product. Another important milestone this year will be the launch of the Kärcher Car Wash app which was developed together with our partner Alfred Kärcher SE & Co. KG from Germany. The newly developed app will enable cashless payments on Kärcher’s machines thus introducing our payment platform to many markets. Ready2Wash is always opened for partnership opportunities with equipment manufacturers, system integrators, petrol companies, and independent car wash investors. 

  • How did Ready2wash came to be? What are the origins of this company?

The company was founded in 2016. and we were among the first who entered the car wash market with a simple idea to digitize it. At the time, the car wash business was not highly digitized and that’s where we saw our chance to enter the market. Our idea was to provide real benefits for the car wash owner and the end-user. We’ve created a comprehensive solution that is enabling car wash owners to monitor and manage their technology, to start marketing and loyalty programs, cross-sell their service thus enabling them to engage with their customers and increase customer retention. On the other hand, end-users can buy washes completely cashless and have several benefits in using the app.

  • There are more and more apps on the market in which people can order washing programs online. How does your company stand out among the competition?

Yes, the market is growing as the number of payment solutions. Our app is enabling customers to buy wash tokens/programs and start the washing process directly from the app without any unnecessary steps. We are not using any external devices or terminals to verify the user thus ease of use is our main goal. Pricewise, we can provide affordable solutions because we are not using any additional hardware but our in-house developed components.

  • How did you get involved in the project in Vlissingen?

After initial contact and information that the project will be a massive 8 bay self-service machine with 8 wash programs, we knew that we wanted to be part of it. The Netherlands is considered a premium car wash market and it was a great honour for us to support our business partners company Adriateh in efforts to provide a reliable solution for the Vlissingen project. Our expectations on this site are high also since the Netherlands is highly ranked among European countries that are moving towards cashless payments.

  • In which countries do you operate?

Ready2Wash currently operates in 18 EU and non-EU countries in total. Application is currently translated into 12 languages and supports 7 different currencies. By the end of the year, the company is planning a business expansion to several other countries. Our goal is to become Europe’s largest car wash network.

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